Friday 22 February 2013

Inkaar: Movie Summary

Movie - Inkaar

Cast - Arjun Rampal as Rahul, the CEO of KK ad agency, Chitrangada Singh as Maya, National creative director of the same agency.

Summary - The movie begins with a scenario showing that Maya has filed a sexual harassment case against Rahul, the CEO of KK ad agency. A social worker is in office for a meeting related to this case. The social worker decides to hear both sides of the story along with other colleagues from the ad agency. The entire movie revolves around how both the protagonists describe their versions of the story to the social worker and try to prove themselves innocent.
The outline of the story is Rahul is the CEO even when Maya is nothing. He hires her saying "she has the talent, just needs proper guidance and direction". They are an excellent team and later they have an affair followed by an argument after which Maya transfers to Delhi. 6 years later she goes to New York and when she returns is declared as the National creative director by the head of KK ad agency. A position which is just below the CEO. This is followed by the sexual harassment case. Both have their own versions of the story like Rahul says flirtation prevailed in their office since the beginning and Maya is having problems only after she got this new position. But Maya says he harassed her by his comments. Another part when Maya says that she loved him and that's why she came back to India. Rahul denies by saying that she came back engaged. She reverts back by saying that the guy followed her from New York and she never loved that guy. Rahul says Maya slept with some head in NY coz of which she got her position but she denies that by saying it’s her talent. Rahul says she has changed after getting the new position as she fires two nice employees but she again denies it by saying they were not good enough for the job.

In short, the real version is never revealed and keeps you confused throughout till the end. The first half shows Maya as a greedy person while the second half shows Rahul as greedy. In the end, the case goes nowhere, the social worker too is confused along with the audience. Rahul and Maya then meet each other, they fight, they cry, they hug, Rahul keeps asking her whether she slept with the NY head for her position while she keeps saying that he already knows the answer. Somehow they end up kissing. Next day everyone in office get a SMS from Rahul saying he has resigned and won't come back. They try calling Maya to give her the good news that she kind of won the case as he resigned. But her phone rings in a nearby dustbin implying that she too has resigned. Weird ways to resign!!! Alas! The movie ends. Don't take this as an educational movie which will tell you about the thin line between flirtation and harassment. Whatever is shown as acceptable behavior in the movie will surely get you sued at your workplace. The best part was probably the interval. So if someone asks you to come for the movie, please Inkaar the offer!

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