Wednesday 9 January 2013

Son of Sardar: Movie Summary

Movie - Son of Sardar.

Cast - Jasvinder Randhava a.k.a Jassi ( Randhava Khandaan's last remaining son ) played by Ajay Devgan, Suk played by Sonakshi, Billu bhai ( from another khandaan whose name I can't recollect ) played by Sanjay Dutt, Billu's two brothers Tony and Titto, Pami aunty played by Juhi Chawla.

Summary - So the movie starts with Jassi the hero living in London talking about the importance of Sardars and beating the shit out of bad people in a typical South Indian style which seems to be a part of all “successful” (>100 crore) movies these days. Shocking, right? What has happened to the bollywood audience! Anyways Jassi then has to return to his home country India for some business work in Punjab. He's coming back after 25 years! Meets a girl (Suk) on his train journey. Few funny scenes and dialogues like Jassi questions Suk’s fairness by asking "Aap saabun se nahate ho ki cream se". But Suk being a mood spoiler keeps repeating her irritating "Chal Jhoota" which goes on throughout the movie till the end.
It’s shown that there is some old fight between Jassi’s khandaan and Billu’s khandaan. Suk is the daughter of Billu’s brother. Billu and Pami are in love but swears that he won't marry till he kills Jassi. Jassi comes to Punjab and coincidentally has to meet Billu for his business work. Both haven’t seen each other and have no idea they are enemies. Then come a few grating dialogues like "Buddhe ke munh mein toffee aur mehmaan ke munh se maafi kabhi achhi nahi lagtI" and "Bachpan ki pant jawani mein fit nahi hoti aur har no ball pe free hit nahi hoti." Later both realise who they are but Billu can't kill Jassi coz of their "ghar ke mehman ka respect" rule. He decides to kill him as soon as he leaves the house. Jassi intentionally spills a jar of pickles and falls and fakes an injury to remain in the house as safety. During his stay he learns that Suk is getting married to some Bobby. He's very sad and on the engagement day steps out of the house despite knowing that he will be killed by Billu. Everyone comes to kill him but he beats them all (Don’t know what he was waiting or scared for till now). During the fight Suk comes on a bike and halts with a stoppie (easy for Sonakshi coz of her manly figure I guess). Both express their feelings for each other and together beat the remaining Billu’s people and leave on the bike doing a wheelie. When Billu realises what has happened, there is a fight between the two protagonists and at the end all convince them to forgive each other. Billu says he shall forgive only if Jassi never leaves their house. 25 years of animosity just ends in a moment. So now Jassi can marry Suk and Billu can marry Pami. How unexpected, right?
Then Salman Khan comes at the end and everyone dances to the song Po Po Po Po... Po Po Po, the steps of which can be graphically pictured with smileys as follows:-