Friday 14 December 2012

Fatso: Movie Summary

Movie - Fatso 5 characters - Nandini, Tanuja, fat Sudeep, Naveen, Yash.

Story starts with Naveen proposing Nandini. So now there is one couple in the group. Tanuja expects Yash to propose. Eventually he does. Now there are two couples and a fat Sudeep. Naveen asks Nandini for marriage. Both very happy. Few days later the 3 guys meet with a car accident. Naveen dies in the accident. Naveen is in some place between heaven and earth which is kind of like a passport office. There its revealed that there was some mistake and instead of Naveen, fat Sudeep was supposed to die ! Before the passport office ppl could revert things back, Naveens body is cremated i.e burned. Passport office people say he can go back in fat Sudeep's body. Naveen denies. To make up for things, passport office guy takes Naveen to earth for 5 min. Naveen sees that his friend Yash is planning to break up with Tanuja and propose Nandini ... Bad friend ! So Naveen now changes his mind and decides to go back via sudeeps body. On earth fat sudeep starts feeling breathless and dies in his room. Sudeep (who is now Naveen ), Yash and Nandini are watching a movie. Yash and Nandini are getting closer to each other. Sudeep can't watch. He calls Tanuja. She gets angry and plans to suicide. No one can convince her but finally Sudeep does. Seeing sudeep convince her, Nandini is slightly impressed. At a party the fat Sudeep performs some nice dance moves. Nandini is impressed again and asks him how he has changed so much and kisses him. Ideally now Sudeep ( Naveen from within ) should be happy, but he realises that she kissed Sudeep and not him. But after a drink or two, instead of realising Nandini is sleeping her way through the entire group, he realises that he shouldn't let her go again ! Everyone is together and happy. Sudeep is telling how he loves everything in this world, the flowers, trees, water, sounds. He talks continuously like "I love walking, I love sleeping, I love crying, I love breathing". Meanwhile in the kitchen a spoon falls in the frying oil and more such weird things happen and music changes to spooky indicating that something bad is going to happen. Sudeep is now continuously talking for 5 min and starts feeling breathless. He still continues like "I love your face, I love your eyes, I love your teeth, I love the cavities in your teeth..." and with almost no breath left he stops and both Nandini and Sudeep kiss each other.