Thursday 2 May 2013

Race2: Movie Summary

Movie - Race 2

Cast - Saif Ali Khan as Ranvir, John Abraham as Armaan, Jaqueline Fernandez as Omisha, Deepika Padukone as Elena, Anil Kapoor as Robert de costa and Amisha Patel as Cherry.

One of my readers suggested that introducing all the characters in this movie at the start of the plot will confuse the reader. So I shall introduce them as they join in. This review is going to be as boring as the film itself so I don’t mind if you doze off in between coz that’s what happened to me during the movie.
Summary - Ranvir(Saif Ali Khan) returns in this sequel of race to take revenge of his dead gf (Bipasha Basu) ...On his noble quest he has to defeat Armaan (John Abraham) who is a former street fighter turned billionaire crime lord.
Ranvir starts gaining Armaan’s trust by doing some cheap robberies for him which are quite funny in principle. What he doesn’t know is that Armaan already knows who he is and why he is here. So Armaan tells his girlfriend Omisha (Jacqueline) to pose as Ranvirs dead gf's sister. Also there is Elena (Deepika Padukone), Armaans sister who falls for Ranvir. She has been introduced as a clever business woman (if anyone doesn’t accept her business deal, she just kills the guy. Very clever indeed..!!!)
Now to the main plot. Ranvir plans to steal the "Shroud of Turin"(a costly portrait) and tells Armaan to buy it for 15 billion and claims that they will be able to sell the same at a minimum price of 35 billion. But the real plan is to handover a fake piece to Armaan so that he will lose his money and the revenge would be complete. But the director doesn't want his viewers to be happy. So he introduces some pathetic twists and turns. In the middle of all Armaan tries to kill Elena (Deepika, I knew u would forget!!) For no reason this makes her realise how evil her bro is and so now she is on Ranvir's side and Omisha(Jacqueline…Duh...not your fault though) is pretending to be on Ranvirs side. This is already too much for the viewers but ‘picture abhi baaki hai’. The deal takes place in the middle of a desert. Armaan poisons Ranvir and runs with the art piece and the money. Now Armaan, Omisha, Elena (Deepika, if u still don't remember who is who) are on a plane. Here Armaan again tries to kill Elena but our mighty hero returns as it turns out he wasn’t really poisoned thanks to Elena (now viewers are cursing her for saving Ranvir) who switches the poison bottles. Armaan jumps from plane with money, Omisha and parachute leaving Elena and Ranvir on the crashing plane to die. This time you hope it’s finally over but it’s not! Our hero saves the girl as his car has 4 parachutes attached to it. (**%%&$@). And finally Armaan goes to the Godfather of Turkey underworld (who looks like an Indian) who has financed Armaan for this deal. As it turns out the Shroud of Turin is fake and so is the money. Well done Ranvir thank you for finally ending this pathetic charade.
And also there is detective Robert de costa (Anil Kapoor) and his assistant Cherry (Amisha patel) who keep switching teams with Armaan and Ranvir and try to amuse us with some poor jokes. If u still don’t believe that Amisha's career is over, watch this movie, it will convince you.
Thank you Abbas-Mastan for ruining 2.5 hours of my life which I will never get back.

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