Saturday 16 March 2013

Vishwaroopam: Movie Summary

Movie - Vishwaroopam.

Cast - Kamal khan as Mr. Vishwanathan a.k.a Viz, Noideawhosheis as Ms. Vishwanathan a.k.a Nirupama, Rahul Bose as Umar bhai.

Summary - Viz and Nirupama live in the USA and are married to each other but do not love each other. Nirupama has married him just for the green card (a common story these days). He is a classical dance teacher while she is a nuclear science doctor. Paradox!!! She is having an affair with her boss and just to avoid the guilt hires a private detective who will spy on Viz and try to find something to blame Viz. If Viz too is found having an affair she would also get some closure and won't feel the guilt. The detective is following Viz but comes across a terrorist warehouse and gets killed. The terrorist group leader, Umar bhai, orders his men to bring whoever hired the detective. His men bring Nirupama and Viz for interrogation who have no clue what’s happening and Viz is beaten up. Soon Umar sees Viz. He is shocked and orders his men to shoot him immediately. But Viz kills all his men while Nirupama is shocked seeing her classical dancer husband fighting like a hero.
This is followed by a flashback showing Umar bhai and Viz (with a different name) training in Afghanistan for a terrorist group. Viz is one of their best militants. But one day Americans locate their hiding place and destroy everything. Only Umar and couple of his men survive. It is revealed that Viz was helping the Americans and he is the one who discloses their location (end of flashback).

Umar bhai has a plan for revenge against the US. He sends pigeons with radiation tablets attached to their feet all over Usa. The plan is to confuse the bomb squads and then detonate a real nuclear bomb amidst the chaos. Now Viz knows about this plan. So he informs the FBI to ignore the pigeons. He also learns that Nirupama's boss had sold the bomb to a terrorist. They hack the company laptop and learn the money was transferred to a Nigerian. Along with the FBI, everyone reaches at the Nigerian’s residence and kill him. Nirupama states that the bomb has a mobile phone and will detonate when it gets a call from someone. Umar bhai is almost about to call on the bomb phone. Nirupama thinks and immediately covers the bomb with a radio box which acts as a Faraday shield and avoids signals to penetrate. Umar calls but gets ‘call unreachable’ message and is frustrated. He then tries calling the Nigerian who is actually dead by now. Viz takes the call and says that your Nigerian is dead. Umar bhai is double frustrated. The movie ends. Umar bhai is kept alive for a sequel.

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