Saturday 30 March 2013

Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola: Movie Summary

Movie - Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola.

Cast - khan as Matru, Pankaj Kapoor as Mandola, Anushka Sharma as Bijli, Shabana Azmi as Choudhary Mam.

Summary - Matru is Mandola's driver and also has the job of stopping Mandola from over drinking alcohol coz he loses control and does weird things whenever he is drunk. And whenever he tries to stop drinking he starts hallucinating and sees a pink cow which is also the logo of the beer called Gulabo which Mandola usually drinks. Mandola is a very rich person who owns a lot of property. Bijli is Mandola's daughter and Matru is taking care of her since her childhood (No points for guessing who will end up as a couple!). I have absolutely no clue as to what Bijli with her contemporary looks and attitude is doing in that village where all other girls actually look and live like village girls.
Mandola has a plan of buying land from all the farmers in the village and build factories and shopping malls in their place. So he and Choudhary Mam offer the villagers a price in return for their lands. Also the bank will take away the land if the villagers are unable to pay the loan in 3 months. The villagers say that they will have to take advice from a secret person named ‘Maao’ who helps the villagers by providing tips via notes hanging on trees but never reveals his identity to any of the villagers. The same night the villagers get a note from Maao saying there is no need to sell their land as this year monsoon was good and if it doesn't rain again they will have enough money to pay off their bank loans. The villagers take the advice and are also able to pay the first installment of the loan. Mandola and Choudhary Mam are furious. Choudhary Mam asks Mandola to pray sincerely to make it rain by making him promise that he will never drink again. He does and it rains! The crops are destroyed leaving the villagers with no option but to sell their lands to Mandola. Now Choudhary Mam is also interested in Mandola's property so she wants her son Baadal to marry Mandolas daughter Bijli. Matru is planning to leave the village as he feels that he failed in his task of saving the villagers but Bijli convinces him to stay. The two make a plan to stop this marriage. They paint cows pink and send them near Mandolas house where the marriage ceremony is taking place. They also keep many beer bottles in his house scattered and wait for Mandola to fall for the bait and get drunk. Soon Mandola is shown with a bottle in his hand and all drunk. He realises that all this was a mistake and stops the ceremony. Choudhary Mam is angry as Mandola is behaves like a drunk and ruins the ceremony. The marriage is over and Choudhary Mam is asked to leave. Later Mandola asks Matru to marry Bijli. But Matru refuses saying that Mandola is drunk now and will kill him for this in the morning as soon as he comes to his senses. Mandola then reveals that he wasn't drunk at all the whole time showing that the beer bottle is still sealed.
Everyone is happy. All dance to the song ‘Matru ki Bijli ka Mandola’. Even Choudhary Mam and her son come back with the police and all dance together! Confused! The movie ends! Planet sense must be wobbling around its axis right now!

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